I was brought up to be sceptical. When I see catalogue shots of plants exploding with flowers (think Dutch) I imagine an armful of blossoms being gathered and then skillfully inserted to make the focus plant look amazing, I’m sure it happens. The first photos I saw of new dwarf Buddleja like ‘Buzz’, ‘Dreaming’ and ‘Chips’ series made me very suspicious, too good to be true. I’m sure some of those shots must have been, let’s say enhanced.
Having been close to Buddleja through photographing the National Collection just recently I have been tempted into adding a number to my garden and amongst them a rather poor looking specimen of B. ‘Dreaming Lavender’. I think it’s semi-trailing habit makes it hard to handle on the sales bench and like Buddleja in general they soon lose their attractiveness with overhead irrigation. I potted it into a plastic 7 litre shrub pot with 8 month Osmocote tablets to keep it going. That was in July and within days new growth developed and the plant ‘filled out’ nicely, flower buds formed despite a fairly high level of nutrition. By the end of August I had a good sized, well shaped plant full of promise and now in September I have a plant that would grace any glossy catalogue. If this is typical of the ‘Dreaming’ series I need to get more.