Month: September 2017

Hypericum ‘Miracle Night’

Hypericum ‘Excellent Flair’ started me off on something of a passion for the H. inodorum type hybrids. There are many of them, mostly I believe bred for the cut flower trade but a couple of handfuls of varieties are to be found as hardy plants for sale in plant areas around the UK. Each year there seems to at least one new one, this year the one that has caught my attention is H. ‘Miracle Night’. Coming on the market as it does in late Summer it has Autumn – Fall – Halloween written right through it. The dark...

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Tumbling Heucherella – ‘Plum Cascade’

‘Plum Cascade’ is a new variety of Heucherella. No surprise that it’s a trailer. The profuse starry flowers were a nice surprise, and they have kept coming for the last five months. I have it in half shade, planted in a metal manger type window ‘box’ with Carex and Selaginella. The three plants have co-existed well even in the hot weather. It’s worth deadheading the ‘Plum Cascade’ to keep it tidy and the flowers coming. Thankfully Heucherellas don’t seem to get the rust that tends to clobber my...

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