A tiny percentage of new plants have anything really special to offer. Most are just a matter of branding or some slight difference from what already exists, however occasionally a plant that will be around for a while comes along. Geum Totally Tangerine’ has clicked with gardeners and has a future, another Geum that has impressed me and I know has performed well for other keen gardeners is G. ‘Scarlet Tempest’. In 2016 my plant flowered right through Summer and into the Autumn and in 2017 it is already full of flower and looking very promising. It is a sterile hybrid and as a result doesn’t set seed, this keeps the flowers coming for a prolonged period. I do deadhead mine though, if looks better and I think may encourage buds to open. Bred by Elizabeth MacGregor (Anemone Wild Swan) this new Geum is a cross between G. ‘Beech House Apricot’ and G. chiloense ‘Red Dragon’.